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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10, 20 August 2022. Update Written: Roohi gets injured

In the current episode, Preesha runs after Roohi but Roohi falls and falls on a stone. Preesha carries her. Armaan promises to punish Roohi for constantly coming to their house. Preesha demands the boy to keep quiet as she has to check on Roohi’s condition.

Rudra notices Roohi’s condition and sprints towards her. Armaan asks him what he is doing and tells him to get back to work. Rudra contacts Saaransh to inform him about Roohi’s condition. Raj takes Pihu home and Pihu observes Rudra talking. He wonders why he can buy such an expensive phone.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Pihu confronts Rudra and asks her why the phone cost him so much. He hands her his basic handset, saying it’s the only phone he uses, and advises her to get her eyes checked. She says she couldn’t pay attention and left. He remembers Raj texting him that Pihu is a threat to him. He changed his mobile phone. Rudra comes in the room and Armaan asks him what he is doing in the room. He says he is worried about Roohi, so he bought the herbal mixture. He is able to ask Preesha if he is able to stay and administer the medicine. He says yes. He proceeds to administer the medicine, but thinks it is pudding chutney.

Roohi looks up and asks Preesha who she is. She says her name is Preesha. Roohi says she doesn’t remember her and then looks at Rudra and says he is her father. Armaan asks Preesha what is the reason why Roohi is calling Prem (Rudra), the father of her children. Rudra says though he doesn’t know. Saaransh comes and asks if Roohi is fine. Roohi questions his identity as she doesn’t know who he could be. She informs Prem that he is her father.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9 Aug 2022 Write Update Roohi meets Rudra

On today’s show, Pihu and Raj are training for the competition. Pihu looks sad. He informs her that they need to include something else in the song to improve their performance. Vidyut comes to tell them what to do. Rudra returns to his room and tells his doctor that he is suffering from back pain. Roohi comes and informs Rudra that their plan will definitely succeed. Vidyut advises them to dance to the music. Pihu tells Raj that he will show him some steps. Vidyut informs Raj that she would just like to see Rudra’s content.

Roohi cooks homemade food for Rudra and advises Rudra to eat it before anyone comes. Armaan returns home along with Digvijay and looks at Rudra’s vehicle. The guards inform him that Roohi is there. Digvijay says Rudra is still sending his daughter and the situation has to be resolved. Preesha informs Armaan that they haven’t heard from the Roohi girl in a while. He tells his servants to look for her. He heads to the outdoor bathroom. Armaan knocks on the door. Rudra is tensed. He opens the book after impersonating his identity as Prem.
Digvijay asks him if he saw the little girl. Rudra says no. Armaan asks Rudra why he took long to open the door. Rudra informs him that he has fallen asleep. Armaan goes through the room but can’t find her. Preesha sees Roohi leaving, calls her. Rudra thinks about how Roohi escaped from the windows. Preesha follows Roohi. Armaan is aware of this and rushes to marry Roohi.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th August 2022 Writing Update Rudra is caught by Preesha in her bedroom

In the current episode, Rudra recalls how Preesha helped him learn some gardening techniques. Kanchan tells him to go rest and that he will give him another task in the coming day. He goes back to his room and talks to Roohi and Saaransh. He complains of pain all over his body. He says he used to be a rock star, but now he’s a gardener and a total body exerciser. Roohi insists that she is doing this to help Preesh as well and advises him to be extra careful since Armaan also lives in the same house. The next day, Kanchan comes and knocks on Rudra’s front door. He wakes up and is afraid that he is not wearing his disguise. He changes and walks through the door.

Kanchan shows the rat and he gets startled and jumps. She is smiling. Digvijay tells Armaan that he believes Kanchan spends most of his time in the garden. Armaan confirms that it’s great and smiles seeing Rudra as Kanchan. Digvijay gets angry and asks Rudra to come down. Rudra apologizes and explains that he saw the rat. Digvijay asks him not to repeat the same behavior. He agrees, but then realizes that he has to discover the medication Preesha is taking that is causing her amnesia. He heads to her bedroom.

However, Roohi feels bad that she cannot see Rudra and Saaransh wants her to be strong as she was the one who sent him there. She thinks she should take some food home and offer her food to Rudra and then asks the driver to bring her to the hospital. Rudra visits Preesha’s bed to look for medicine and Preesha reaches the room, she is in the bathroom. She screams at him. He says he has a headache and went to the pharmacy to buy balm. He also tried to call her, but no one answered. A woman applies balm to him.
This episode was viewed on the YouTube OTT platform.