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Actress Imlie Leap show Fakhmaan Khan-Sumbul-Tuluqeer will start a new love and hate story? Five exciting twists for the audience

“The Imlie Leap: Fahmaan Khan-Sumbul Touqeer series will have many different twists and turns. Viewers can expect anyone from Malini and Imlia. ASR’s marriage with Imlie tries to avenge Aryan Singh Rathore

Imlia fans watch their older version Fahmaan Khan who is also called Aryan Singh Rathore and in the role of Imlia (Sumbul Touqeer). There is a new promo which shows that Imlie and Cheeni will expose the unethical practices that have been exposed in the Pagdandiya community. Pagdandiya. The show is scheduled to air for five years, during which Imlie leaves Aryan Singh Rathore. Fans will be able to watch a new show in which he insists on Rathore.


Fans are divided about the change. There is a possibility that Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) will be with Fahmaan Khan who is also often referred to as Aryan Singh Rathore. Here are five possible twists that viewers can expect… Imlie and Aryan are delighted to have Gudiya join them. She will take care of Gudiya as if they were her children. Imlie is thrown down the stairs and suffers an accidental miscarriage. This leads to her being admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The doctors are working hard, but they cannot save the child’s life. Aryan Singh Rathore is shaken.

The truth is that Aditya’s (Manasvi Vashisht) daughter Malini has triggered this tragedy on Aryan’s part and Imlia will make the former filled with a sense of anger. They will be distrustful. Aryan will likely distance himself from her on an emotional level. This could lead to their separation.

Fans will thus meet two children from the Rathore family. One of the children is Gudiya Malini’s child. Raspberries. There is an unanswered question as to what the other child’s name is. Many believe that Malini is planning to marry ASR and give birth to an identical child. Malini was determined to get Imlia’s husband away from her to cause her the suffering she was suffering.

It is possible that Malini might be able to take over the entire operations of Aryan Singh Rathore. ASR becomes the puppet he plays. We are wondering if this will happen because fans don’t like seeing ASR as the dumbest person.

Fans are also hoping to see a returning Jyoti who tries to bring back Aryan with Imlie. He is expected to return as a positive character. Fans have a lot to look forward to.

Aryan is in Pagdandiya; Cheeni is kidnapped in “Imlie”

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting more entertaining with every episode. The current storyline of the show revolves around Imlia’s journey to Pagdandiya and her determination to end the social and religious ills that the local community is experiencing. Imlie helped save Malini and Aditya’s son and helps dress her according to her style.

In the next series, Imlie will post an interview with Binni, who was forcibly married, however, her name was defiled by a suspected mining entrepreneur from Malini and Bhaskar Times, while Binni is innocent. Imlie reveals the real story to Binni of her husband who was from a big city and would like to have a romantic relationship. The news is liked by a large number of people, however the fake news of Malini and Bhaskar Times has been criticized. Many people visit Bhaskar Times to protest against such stories. Malini is called by an Aryan. Aryan confronts Imlia’s editor. Aryan decides to go to Pagdandiya to get more information about the matter.

Cheeni accepts the invitation and laughs at Aryan. Imlie finds it hilarious. Editor also mentions that owner of Bhaskar Times Bhaskar Times is facing loss due to their inaccuracy in reporting. Imlie can spot an Aryan who has heard about Bhaskar Times.

Malini is unapologetic about the message she helped reporters create. Malini even praises the journalist who helped her file the report.

Moreover, Aryan reaches Pagdandiya while Malini manages to save Girish and kidnaps Cheeni to take revenge on Imlia.

Imlie is ruling the TRP charts and has been one of the most watched shows on television ever since it started airing on television screens. The show stars Sumbul Touqeer as well as Fahmaan Khan as the main characters. It has gained immense popularity among the fans and fans love the pairing of Imlia and Aryan. The show is a reimagining of Jalsha’s Bengali serial Ishti Kutum. In the latest episode of the show, Imlie was seen disguised as a brand new character named Kairi. Imlie spoke about the motivations behind her diverse looks and her personality.

Sumbul Touqeer participated in a quick live chat on Instagram live. She gave us interesting details from the show as well as her new character.

She revealed details about the process of creating the persona Kairi has become today. The actress revealed that Kairi’s costume took an entire week to complete. She also shared that the inspirations for the various hairstyles and outfits came from experimentation.

The actress also spoke about the difficulties she faced while playing the role of a bunny. Sumbul struggled to get her words out and was conscious as she performed. However, all the cast and crew encouraged her and helped her play the role with confidence. She said she was grateful for their support.

In the next episode, Neela calls Meethi to ask about Kairi. In the beginning, Meethi talks about fruits, but then she learns about Imlie’s baby trick and helps save Imlie from trouble. She calls Imlie to tell her about the Kaira skit, then Imlie informs her about Jyoti’s whole story and also her tricks. Meethi is impressed with Imlie and inspires Imlie to stay strong.

Currently, Imlie has put a stop to the practice of forced marriage in Pagdandiya and also protects it from abuse. However, Malini decides to destroy all that is good about Pagdandiya and bring shame to the community by taking her husband and father away from her. Imlie tells Cheena that she wants to change all beliefs that are considered superstitious and bring happiness to the community. What happens when Imlie and Malini meet?

Swapnil gets Malini information about Pagdandiya and she releases the message as it portrays the Pagdandiya community as negative. Swapnil then arrives to inform Malini that the information is not true, but Malini cannot change it and warns Swapnil that he will be fired if the message does not follow Malini’s orders.