Anupamaa TV Serial (Star Plus) Cast, Actors, Real Name, Story, Wiki and More

Anupamaa (Star Plus) TV Serial Cast, Actors, Real Name, Story, Wiki and more

Written by Anupama updated on 20 May 2010: Anupama and Anuj promise to respect each other during the wedding ceremony; Vanraj is also part of the celebrations


Anupama Written Update: Vanraj joins ex-wife Anupama’s wedding ceremony with Anuj in a surprise gesture. The bride and groom promise to respect each other in their promise to marry.


The story is all about love and respect in Anupama’s new work. It’s time to celebrate MaAn’s wedding and bride Anupam (Rupali Ganguly) is in for the most amazing moment of her life when ex-husband Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey) shows up. Not only Anupama but also other guests are impressed by Vanraj’s gesture. In the marriage of husbands who are in power, there are more broken stereotypes and many ladies. Check out the full article to learn more.

Vanraj congratulates Anupam

Afterwards, Anuj and Anupama exchange garlands. The celebration continues, Anupama and Anuj later exchange wedding vows. Everyone is shocked to find out that there isn’t a long list of promises they both have for each other. They have only one thing they would like to give each other: respect. Anuj and Anupama promise that in their relationship they will always respect and honor each other’s decisions, choices and dreams, as well as everything else in between. Hasmukh heralds their love and maturation.

Still, Meenu reminds everyone that the wedding is not perfect because no one is present at the wedding party. To our surprise, this request is accepted as Vanraj surprises everyone by attending the festivities. Anupama becomes a little worried about Vanraj’s motives but soon realizes that there is nothing malicious behind Vanraj’s gesture. Vanraj wishes Anupam and Anuj on their wedding day. The Shah family and their followers are amazed to see the whole family coming together at the wedding.

Anupam’s “Kanyadaan”

After Varmala, it’s time for “phery”. However, Anuj and Anupama reach the mandap, Pakhi and the kids initially reach it, but then they find that they are in the Mandap, it is a mess. Weddings don’t come without a few bumps in the road, and how could this lavish wedding be without hiccups?

accidents. Pakhi, Samar and Toshu quickly set up their Mandap before anyone notices. When Anupama arrives for the wedding, she is overwhelmed by the amazing decorations and her children are relieved to see their mother’s wedding goes off without a hitch.

The next thing we will see is the most important ceremony of the wedding “Kanyadaan”. Hasmukh and Leela lovingly perform the ceremony and the children add their own twist to this emotional sequence. They introduce a new tradition called “Mummy-daan”. She puts her mother’s hands in Anuj’s hands and then they make him

He promises to always make sure their mother is taken care of. A wedding is full of many touching moments. even vampire Rakhi Dave cries. After the ‘kanyadaan’ ceremony, other ceremonies are performed. As the ‘pheras’ ended, Anuj and Anupama’s wedding ended. The time has come for Anupama to start her new life full of gratitude and love from her relatives.

In the next episode, Anupama bids farewell to the Shah family and leaves with the love of her life. Vanraj also says goodbye to his ex-wife and welcomes Anuj back into the family. Follow HT highlights and get all the latest news.

Anupamaa (Star Plus) TV Serial Cast, Actors, Real Name, Story, Wiki and more

Anupamaa’s Gaurav Khanna discusses his future with Anuj Kapadia on the show, “I knew this character would be…”
Rupali Ganguly as well as Gaurav Khanna’s explosive chemistry in Anupamaa make hearts flutter. They have created a unique place in people’s hearts in the form of Anupamaa along with Anuj. Gaurav’s participation in the show is an absolute delight for the fans. The wonderful relationship between Anupamaa and Anuj is now a source of inspiration for many.

Who wouldn’t want a partner like Anuj Kapadia in their life? He is the perfect husband and Gaurav is a great choice for the job. But of late we have seen scenes that hinted at Anuj’s demise. There was a news that Gaurav will quit the show. Fans were saddened to know that Anuj will not be joining Anupamaa.

The promo for the show also went viral. We see Anuj in a coma and Anupamaa fighting the Kapadias along with the Shahs themselves. Gaurav Khanna talked about Anuj’s future in Anupamaa.

In an interview with ETimes, he was asked about rumors of him leaving the show. He replied, “I’ll just say that I am totally committed to Anupamaa and have complete faith in Rajan Shahi’s version of Anuj. I’m totally committed to this show.”

He also expressed his displeasure at being given less screen time on the show. Gaurav commented, “When I was introduced to the character, I realized that this character will be different from what the audience has seen on television in the past. This is the reason why Anuj Kapadia’s character was so popular with the public.

He also expressed his thoughts on whether the lack of screen space was a problem for the actor. He said that he has been in the business for a long time and the show is different and he is grateful to be in it. He also believes that at least once in a lifetime, actors get a chance to portray the role of a legend on television and is grateful for that.

Anuj Kapadia remains in a coma. Fans react to the latest promo of Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa
Rupali Ganguly and Anupamaa Gaurav Khanna’s show is winning hearts. However, the upcoming promotions of the film have stunned the audience.

Rupali Ganguly Gaurav Khanna Madalsa Sharma and Anupama Sudhanshu Pandey’s story grabbed everyone’s attention. We all have seen the plot into the life of Anuja’s son Ankush and also his wife Barkha. Barkh’s brother Adhik is also seen. They are covering up the fact that they have lost all their profits and business to the US and are now trying to get Anuj’s business.

But they are not happy that Anuj gave all his property to Anupamaa. To get the inheritance, Adhik decided to trap Anupama’s child Pakhi. In the latest episode we got to know how Adhik along with Barkha convinced Pakhi that she thinks Anupamaa doesn’t love her.

They tried to trap Pakhi and make her fight with Anupama. Pakhi is adamant about Anupamaa’s behavior and calls her the wildest mother. But in few episodes we have seen scenes which hint at Anuj’s death.

There was a news that Gaurav was leaving the show. Fans were sad that Anuj will not be on Anupamaa.